Donald Trump and Jeb Bush trade insults in competing 'Morning Joe' interviews

Trump's Just a Real Estate Guy, Says Jeb
Trump's Just a Real Estate Guy, Says Jeb

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) exchanged jabs in separate "Morning Joe" interviews Monday.

Bush, who has been Trump's most consistent campaign-trail critic, blasted some of his GOP competitors for not similarly going after Trump.

"It's ridiculous," Bush said after suggesting his opponents were scared of Trump.

"The guy's just a real-estate guy," Bush continued. "He's gone bankrupt four times. He's a successful man but he's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. So why not confront him and challenge him?"

The MSNBC show then played a word-association game with Bush. The first word: "Trump."

"Loser," Bush replied without hesitating.

Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, called into "Morning Joe" for a subsequent interview. Trump fired back at Bush, whom he repeatedly called a "stiff."

WATCH: Trump responds to Bush 'loser' label:

Trump: Jeb Bush Is a Stiff You Wouldn't Hire
Trump: Jeb Bush Is a Stiff You Wouldn't Hire

"Jeb is an interesting duck," Trump mused. "Here's the story on Jeb: He's a stiff who you wouldn't hire in private enterprise, OK? This is a stiff. This is a guy that if he came looking for a job, you'd say: 'No thank you.' And that's the way it is."

After accusing Bush of lying about his record, Trump added:

%shareLinks-quote="The guy's a total stiff. He's not going anywhere. Remember this -- for the voters -- he wants Common Core and he's very weak on immigration. Remember, ... he said, 'They come to our country through the act of love.' Jeb is weak on immigration." type="quote" author="Donald Trump" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Both Bush and Trump have been focused on Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire.

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