14 proud parents share how their children have changed them for the better

Before people have families to look after, they generally have only one person they must care for -- themselves. And while there is plenty of strife, struggle and hard work that goes into raising children, the great, unconditional love is an undeniable beauty that comes with parenthood. The discovery of this protective, loving and proud animal instinct can surely change a person for the better.

Several proud parents took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share the extent to which their children have changed them.

1. The intense love that comes with parenthood can take you by surprise
I didn

2. Somehow the evils of the world become more threatening when you have a child you want to keep safe
Having kids made me see the world differently. I want to do good, and have other people do good, for their benefit.

3. Who needs superheroes when we have parents?
Being a dad is the best job ever. It

4. The world seems just a tad more joyous after you have a blushing baby
The best thing that

5. The greater the risk, the better the payoff
Being a mom has to be one of the most rewarding yet scariest thing I

6. People who are there for you even when your priorities change are the people you can really count on
Becoming a parent changes your whole life. You find out who your true friends are and family. I found that the moment I became pregnant. Am I sad? No, I am blessed

7. Once you hear a giggle out of your child, all the hardship kind of fades away
Nothing can prepare you for the challenges of becoming a parent, but nothing can replace the sense of fulfillment seeing your child smile

8. The pride you have in your child is balanced with the sadness in watching them learn to care for themselves
The best part about being a dad is watching your child grow up, its also the hardest part.

9. It might be hard to remember a time before your life revolved around your kids
I used to be so afraid of being pregnant and becoming a mom. Now I don

10. A whole new phase of your life starts up upon becoming a parent
Once I had kids, I realized that my life just began, and they are my world. They

11. Finding out you're pregnant without expecting it might be scary, but can be ultimately life-changing
I never thought I would love being a mom as much as I do. I never wanted kids, but I

12. You might realize how much you appreciate your parents until you become one yourself
I never realized what a wonderful man my dad was until I became a father myself.

13. Alone time is redefined when you're raising a family, and might make you reevaluate choices you made before becoming a parent
I never knew what "relaxation" felt like until I became a parent. Looking back, all my down time in the past was just laziness.

14. It's too bad no one pays you to be a parent
Being a dad is the best job in the world. 6 weeks in and every second has been mind blowingly amazing.
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