Sorry, Facebook. You can't get free McDonald's for life

Don't Fall Victim To These Never-Ending Facebook Hoaxes

Anytime you open up Facebook, there are so many posts that it's hard to tell the real ones from the fake ones. And there are a lot of fake ones.

Facebook scammers sometimes lure you to click on a link to their website. If you do, they'll infect your device with malware in an attempt to steal your Social Security number and other sensitive information.

A recent scam involves a "lifetime pass" for free food at McDonald's, KFC, and other fast-food restaurants. If you have a kids or grandchildren, you can imagine being tempted to click on that link. This scam asks you to take a survey, and share your personal information.

But, as always with tempting online offers, take a moment to carefully read the post. One red flag that'll pop up at you is the grammatical errors on these posts.

McDonald's and its teams of ad executives would never let this one out in public: "McDonald's is Giving-away Free Lifetime Pass on it's 61st Anniversary (limited time offer)." "Giving-away" and "it's" are misspelled; and there's a missing "a."

Note: To keep yourself safe when you're on Facebook, make sure to open posts only from people you trust.

Facebook McDonald's scam

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