'SNL' proves Larry David and Bernie Sanders are truly one and the same with 'Bern Your Enthusiasm'

Larry David Is Bernie Sanders on 'SNL' and It Is Perfect! Perfect!
Larry David Is Bernie Sanders on 'SNL' and It Is Perfect! Perfect!

When SNLannounced that Larry David would host, you knew there had to be a few Bernie Sanders sketches and, lo and behold, there were. The better of the two was a digital short with David as Sanders that incorporated all his quirks from Curb Your Enthusiasm. A few spiraling interactions with potential voters, a quest for milk that isn't two percent, a good dose of that ear worm of a theme song, and suddenly you understand why David-as-Bernie is behind at the polls.

PHOTOS: Larry David as Bernie Sanders in late 2015

Later in the night, SNL brought on Senator Sanders himself for a cameo in a sketch about immigrants to the U.S. You might have thought that the show would go for high-minded humor here, perhaps something with an "immigrants are good, Trump is bad" angle. And yes, there was some of that — Sanders gets in a little dig at the one percent — but the punchlines here are solidly "check the pubes" and "taxis are expensive" jokes. Good on the senator for playing along, we guess.

Watch the clip below:

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