Peyton Manning was 'very emotional' in Saturday night team meeting

Rams Discussing Acquiring Peyton Manning for 2016
Rams Discussing Acquiring Peyton Manning for 2016

Super Bowl 50 is almost here and it is an interesting match up between a quarterback trying to win one more trophy before riding off into the sunset and another looking to usher in a new era, a changing of the guards. There is a lot of discussion if Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning could call an end to his Hall of Fame career after the Super Bowl.

Manning has been diplomatic about the future of his career, not declaring one way or the other. A report from Sal Paolantonio of ESPN seems to indicate Manning is leaning more towards retirement than playing another season.

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Broncos team president Joe Ellis told Paolantonio that Manning became "very emotional" and was "near tears" addressing his Broncos teammates on Saturday night at the team dinner. The report even says that Manning fought back tears.

"Peyton told a few jokes to lighten the mood, but then he got very emotional," Ellis told Paolantonio. "And so did DeMarcus [Ware]. The room was silent. It was a very emotional gathering."

Ware is another veteran who has had an illustrious career mostly with the Dallas C0wboys, but unlike Manning has yet to win a Super Bowl. This very well could be the last chance at a Vince Lombardi Trophy for both men.

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