Mark Cuban: Donald Trump has embraced 'Keep it simple, stupid'

Mark Cuban Has Some Nice Things to Say About Donald Trump
Mark Cuban Has Some Nice Things to Say About Donald Trump

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Monday discussed the 2016 Republican presidential race and the success of front-runner Donald Trump.


During a Fox News interview the day of the Iowa caucuses, anchor Neil Cavuto pressed Cuban on Trump's lack of specifics.

Cuban argued that none of the candidates in the race had realistic campaign promises.

"Let's put it in context, right? Is there anything that any candidate has said on either side that's realistic? Tax-cut plans -- all nonsense. Bernie's going to pay for everybody's college -- can't happen," he said, referring to US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

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The billionaire investor added:

Then the person who is most forceful — and really the person who can come across the best way and simplify things — has the best chance. It's the old KISS concept: Keep it simple, stupid. And I think Donald has really dialed in on that and understands it. And he'll admit it.

Cuban, a frequent political pundit, said he hadn't decided which candidate he would ultimately back.

But he is clearly not a fan of fellow Texan and Trump's top primary rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Over the weekend, Cuban even described himself on Twitter as "an ABC voter. Anyone But Cruz."

Cuban, whose basketball arena hosted a Trump rally in September, said he thought the billionaire developer was playing a bit of a "game" with his television persona.

He told Cavuto:

I've talked to him on the phone a couple times. And like everybody you've had on, when you know Donald, he's kind of got a different personality than what he plays on TV. It's kind of a "don't hate the player, hate the game"-type situation. I haven't made a decision yet, but I'll consider anybody but Ted Cruz.

Cuban additionally said that he thought some of Trump's popularity was because of a proven record of success in business and real estate. Cuban said he appreciated that record, even if he didn't support some of Trump's hard-line policy proposals.

He recalled:

I've said this directly to him. I said, "Donald, I don't agree with a lot of what you're saying. But at least you're the one person that's been able to go out there and get something done and show some accomplishment in their life -- other than this bill or that bill passed or stopped."

"So I think people recognize that he's accomplished things, and they're rallying behind that," he added.

Cavuto ended his interview with Cuban by pressing him on one of the Fox host's favorite topics of late: Adele.

The anchor noted that the singer issued a statement this week, saying she did not give permission to either former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) or Trump to use her music. Adele's music is ubiquitous at Trump rallies.

Cuban declared that Trump had found himself in an ironic situation, given his loud and frequent complaints in 2013 about rapper Mac Miller using his name in the song "Donald Trump."

The Mavericks owner said:

The only word is "ironic," and here's why. Because there's a rapper named Mac Miller, who happens to be from Pittsburgh, where I grew up. And he did a song called "Donald Trump." And Donald went nuts, sued him for including his name.

"Adele has the right to control her own songs. She owns the copyright," he added. "It's her deal. And so I don't have a problem with it. But I just enjoy the irony of Donald fighting back [against Adele] when he fought Mac Miller."

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