Jeb Bush backs the Broncos as Donald Trump flip flops on Super Bowl 50 pick

Broncos Avoid Orange Uniforms for Super Bowl 50
Broncos Avoid Orange Uniforms for Super Bowl 50

Peyton Manning reportedly made the maximum contribution to the Jeb Bush campaign and, at Saturday's Republican presidential debate, the former Florida governor showed the love right back.

Manning, 39, gave the Jeb! campaign a check for $2,700, the most an individual can contribute.

When asked who he's rooting for at Super Bowl 50, Bush not surprisingly told the moderators in New Hampshire, ""Peyton Manning's supporting me and I'm for Denver."

But while the contribution won him one presidential hopeful's endorsement, it may have lost him another's.

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Despite having put his money on "very, very good guy" Manning just a week earlier, Donald Trump said Saturday that he's backing the Carolina Panthers.

Perhaps he caught wind of Manning's Jeb endorsement?

Meanwhile, all of Saturday's debaters were put on the spot to support one team or the other.

Ohio governor John Kasich begrudgingly supported Carolina as well. "Carolina's gonna win that one. I hate to say it, but they're going to win that one," he said.

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Senator Marco Rubio made a jab at his fellow Florida politician Bush, saying "Well I was going for Peyton Manning but now I'm rooting for Carolina."

Texas governor Ted Cruz explicitly pandered to the early primary state of South Carolina. "With an eye to February 20th, Carolina," he said.

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Chris Christie was the only man onstage to join Bush with a nod to Denver.

And Dr. Ben Carson was the only man to not pick at all. "With one-hundred percent certainty I will predict the winner: It will be either Denver or Carolina," said the retired neuropsurgeon.

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