Donald Trump is not impressed with Super Bowl 50

Trump: Our Country Is Going to Hell
Trump: Our Country Is Going to Hell

Super Bowl 50 is currently in the second half, and while the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are the two best teams in the NFL, this has not exactly been the game of the year. It's been sloppy for the most part, with a lot of dumb penalties and inexplicable turnovers. Again, not what you'd expect from these two on the field together.

So with that being the case, a lot of people are taking to Twitter to let out their frustrations. Of course, one of those people is none other than the man who loves using social media a lot as he continues his run for President of the United States — Donald Trump.

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Yep, Trump took to his Twitter account in the second half and to express his displeasure with what he was seeing on the field, and of course to let everyone know that he wants to make America great again.

So wait, is Trump kinda promising here that if he's elected we'll get awesome football games all the time? Because in a way, that's what it looks like here, or at least that's one way you can interpret it.

Either way, chalk this up as just another thing that Mr. Trump is just fed up with. Way to go, Super Bowl 50.

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