Cam Newton's emergence will change what quarterbacks look like in the NFL

Cam Newton Makes History with MVP Win
Cam Newton Makes History with MVP Win

Cam Newton is a quarterback built like a tight end. He is listed at 6-foot-5, 245 pounds, according to the Carolina Panthers, however, most feel his actual weight is closer to 250-260 pounds. While his talent is going to change the way the quarterback position is played in the NFL, his size will likely change the way quarterbacks look.

When the NFL and AFL merged in 1970, the average starting quarterback was a shade over 6-foot-1 and weight 203 pounds. By 1987, the average QB reached 6-foot-3 and 212 pounds. While height leveled off for a while, weight continued to rise, reaching 224 pounds in 1997. Since then, things have stabilized a bit, and now the average quarterback is 6-foot-3.5, 225 pounds.

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With the emergence of Newton as the new face of the NFL and with more and more coaches at lower levels having their best athletes, regardless of size, play quarterback, it is probably safe to assume that both of these lines will start rising again soon.

NFL QB Size Chart
NFL QB Size Chart

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