Babies can see details that adults miss

Babies Can See Details That Adults Miss
Babies Can See Details That Adults Miss

Babies have a sense that is sharper than adults, according to a recent article on Scientific American.

At three and four-months old, they are able to see differences in images that adults are no longer able to discern.

This discovery was made in a study released in December of last year.

For the experiment, 42 babies between 3 and 8-months old were assessed on how long they looked at images of objects; a shorter glance indicated a similarity with the previous item while a prolonged one designated the visual as different.

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Through this system, researchers determined that the younger babies were able to differentiate between subtle factors like pixel intensity and were less swayed by superficial ones like a glossy or matte finish.

These infants have yet to develop what scientists call "perceptual constancy" where humans perceive objects to be constant despite environmental or lighting changes.

This ability is believed to have evolved as a survival mechanism; for example, keeping track of a child that is moving from a cave into the bright outdoors.

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