Female orangutan had male 'hired gun' in first such witnessed orangutan killing

Female Orangutan Had Male 'Hired Gun' In First Such Known Orangutan Killing

An unusual animal attack in Borneo has been described in a new study.

According to one researcher, it is "the first observed case of female-female lethal aggression in orangutans."

Making the situation even more unique is the fact that the female perpetrator named Kondor solicited a male's help in injuring the victim Sidony who died soon after.

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Female orangutan had male 'hired gun' in first such witnessed orangutan killing

The incident occurred in July 2014 when Kondor attacked Sidony with whom there had been a conflict years prior.

A male who had been mating with Kondor prior to the assault joined in, and it appeared that they worked together to inflict maximum harm.

During the 33-minute period, the victim was bitten, beaten, prevented from leaving.

The fight ended when another male came in, and Sidony was eventually able to escape.

However, she died from her injuries two weeks later.

As such, the researchers have concluded that females are able to persuade males into "providing services, such as coalitionary support."

Female orangutans in this area are considered to be relatively solitary creatures, and severe physical aggression among them is rare.

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