12 cringe-worthy confessions from cat ladies might turn you off cats forever

Raise your hand if you'd do anything for your pet! Who wouldn't? You'll rarely meet someone who feels indifferent about their puppy or kitten -- in fact, people consider their pets members of their family. The unconditional love that comes with being a dog or cat parent is undeniably fulfilling and inspiring.

But when does that affection for your cat cross the line from love into obsession and eventually transform you into *cue horror music* a cat lady?

Several self-proclaimed cat ladies took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to back up their notorious feline love.

1. Is it still creepy to watch someone sleep, even if it's a cat?

2. Hey, what happens behind closed doors is all you
I am ridiculously obsessed with my cat. I hide it around other people so they don

3. Hasn't anyone ever told this person that the first step to fixing your problem is admitting you have one?

4. Some cat ladies live in virtual cat-lady-land

5. Who needs family and friends when you have cats?
My cats are my children and best friends, I wake up happy to find them purring around me

6. Step one to marrying your cat: Find a restaurant that allows him or her inside
I love my cats more than any human I have ever met, but I feel people would look at me weird if I went on a date with one of them.

7. The moment you realize you're a cat lady is probably full of revelations
I just lectured my cat and the phrase "I don

8. Soon enough, you realize you're setting your cat up with a love life and you're alone
Today I arranged a Skype date for my cat with another cat. This is my life.

9. If your cats make you happy, why not spend your time with them?

10. It's hard to discipline someone with a face that furry and cute
Even when my cats are bad I am like "Omg good kitties you

11. You've gotta take a good look at your own reflection before you laugh at someone else's actions
I just mocked my cat for being amused by the light of my phone for twenty minutes. Then realized I was amused from watching him. I am a crazy cat lady who needs a life.

12. Who gives better fashion advice than a cat ... never mind
Today I had a discussion about my outfit with my cat. It official. I
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