The Columbus Zoo's baby polar bear finally gets a name

Columbus Zoo's Newest Polar Bear Cub

The votes have been tallied and the Columbus Zoo's baby polar bear's name is officially Nora.

Naming the baby bear, which was born on Nov. 6, was no easy task. In order to ease the responsibility, the Zoo set up a vote allowing participants to choose between Desna, Nora, Kaya or Sakari. In total, 88,061 votes were cast from 115 different countries.

In the end, however, the name Nora prevailed. It's a combination of Nanuq and Aurora, her parents' names.

See more of the adorable little bear:

Nora the baby polar bear
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The Columbus Zoo's baby polar bear finally gets a name
The wait is over… the polar bear cub’s name is NORA! Thank you to everyone who voted to name this special girl. 🎥 Watch the full video at #columbuszoo #polarbearcub #polarbear #asseenincolumbus #expcols #animalvideo #zooborns #zoobabies
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🎥 Watch the latest cub update at and don’t forget to vote for her name thru Feb. 3. Link in bio! 💻 #columbuszoo #polarbearcub #polarbear #olafblanket #animalvideo #zooborns #zoobabies #asseenincolumbus #expcols
Hi my name is ________! Help name the #polarbear cub! Vote online. 💻 Link in bio. 🎉 #columbuszoo #WildWed #polarbearcub #zooborns #zoobabies
Smile! It’s almost 2016! Check out the full video at #columbuszoo #polarbear #polarbearcub #zooborns #zoobabies #animalvideo #asseenincolumbus #expcols
POLAR BEAR CUB UPDATE: Happy Holidays from the little polar bear girl. She is now 7 weeks old and growing up fast! She weighs a little over 6 pounds and measures 17.5 inches long. As you can see, both her eyes are wide open and she is very active. She likes to scoot around on her yoga mats, which make her back legs stronger as she pushes off with them more each day. This week she started teething and likes to chew on her frozen or room temperature rings which help! She receives feedings every 4 hours and her care team is with her 24 hours a day. The staff is pleased with how she is progressing, but are still taking things day by day. #columbuszoo #polarbear #polarbearcub #zooborns #zoobabies
POLAR BEAR CUB UPDATE: At 2-weeks-old, the female polar bear cub continues to do well. She is gaining weight and grows about a half inch every two days! Her nose is turning black and fur is growing on her ears as well as on the bottom of her paws. Our animal care team assesses her daily and makes changes to her routine as need be. They are cautiously optimistic and are pleased with how well she is doing. #columbuszoo #polarbear #zooborns #zoobabies #asseenincolumbus #expcols #saveourseaice
POLAR BEAR CUB UPDATE: The polar bear cub, a female, born on Friday, Nov. 6 was pulled from the den by the Zoo’s Animal Care staff Thursday afternoon after the mother, Aurora, stopped caring for the cub. Aurora began taking breaks from caring for her cub late Thursday morning. When these breaks continued throughout the day and became longer the Zoo’s Animal Care staff made the decision to remove the cub from the den and began to hand-rear the newborn. At this time the female cub is healthy and feeding regularly. She weighs 1.5 pounds and gained 10 grams overnight. Staff will continue to monitor and care for her around-the-clock. **Check out our video at #columbuszoo #polarbear #polarbearcub #zooborns #zoobabies #asseenincolumbus #expcols

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