Russians slam Clinton for calling Russia a threat

Bernie Sanders Drew Blood Against Hillary Clinton in Democratic Debate...
Bernie Sanders Drew Blood Against Hillary Clinton in Democratic Debate...

Hillary Clinton has infuriated Russians after she declared their federation is the greatest threat to America during the latest Democratic debate. Her opponent Bernie Sanders was asked the same question and said North Korea instead, and that an isolated country made him "nervous."

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"Russia lives in the world. China lives in the world. North Korea is a very, very strange country because it is so isolated, and I do feel that a nation with nuclear weapons ... they have got to be dealt with," Sanders said.

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Clinton on the other hand pointed the finger at the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Russia is trying to move the boundaries of the post-World War II Europe," she said, "the way that [Russia] is trying to set European countries against one another, seizing territory, holding it in Crimea, beginning to explore whether they could make some inroads in the Baltics."

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She continued: "We have to send a very clear message to Putin that this kind of belligerence, that this kind of testing of boundaries will have to be responded to. The best way to do that is to put more armor in, put more money from the Europeans in so they're actually contributing more to their own defense."

Russian news outlets quickly picked up Clinton's statements, which rippled through Russian social media with tens of thousands of users slamming the former Secretary of State. Vocativ's deep web analysts found that Russian users questioned Clinton's knowledge of European borders, accused her of provoking leaders and adding to tension, and threw in personal insults as well.

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Translation: The witch woke up from a her stormy fantasies and she's sharing them with her voter Hillary Clinton is a fantasist.

Translation: So why didn't she speak out when Western Germany annexed Eastern Germany?

Translation: Humanity should be protected FROM Clinton and not from Russia. Clinton's hands are full of blood. She's a monster grandmother.

Translation: She must have forgotten what she has done to Libya and Qaddafi. She is not a woman, she is a monster in a dress.

Images from this week's Democratic debate:

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