Picture puzzle going viral baffles adults, a breeze for children

Picture Puzzle Going Viral Baffles Adults, A Breeze For Children

A picture puzzle from a National Geographic show asking which way a bus is traveling is proving rather difficult for adults, but children seem to find it rather easy.

Eighty percent of kids age 10 and under have been able to come up with the right solution almost instantly.

The answer, by the way, is left if you're in a country, such as the U.S., that drives on the right side of the street.

But how in the world can anybody tell that if both ends of the bus look exactly alike?

It's all about what isn't seen -- the bus doors.

Children may have an easier time as they tend to use the visual assessment that first pops into their brains. Apparently, this puzzle isn't really as complicated as grown-ups tend to make it.

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