Cavemen ate better than you think

Cavemen Ate Better Than You Think
Cavemen Ate Better Than You Think

There's new research showing that cavemen ate better than we do now. A team of researchers analyzed turtle bones found inside a cave where early humans lived hundreds of thousands of years ago. The researchers believe that the remains show signs the meat was expertly filleted and cooked.

They also believe the turtles were probably just an appetizer for the cave people before going after some meat and vegetables -- but mostly meat.

The research is attempting to fill in gaps in order to understand what early humans ate between big scores of larger animals they would hunt.

This information suggests that they were more sophisticated cooks than we thought. Without domesticated plants and animals, they really must have dedicated most of their time to feeding themselves. Whereas now hunting means pressing a few buttons on our phone so we can try that new Italian place down the street.

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