Cam Newton still wears his hospital bracelet from 2014 accident

SB50: Cam Newton, Rivera at Media Day
SB50: Cam Newton, Rivera at Media Day

On Dec. 9, 2014, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a car crash near the team's stadium. His car and a truck crashed together and for a second, the future looked bleak for the young quarterback. However, in one of several pictures that were shown of the crash, it appeared that Cam was smiling.

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The infectious smile Cam brings to the table was not unwanted, but very surprising. When The Charlotte Observer came out with the report, everyone was hoping for the best. Cam was able to pull through. In an interview with The Charlotte Observer, he was elated to be where he is now, stating:

"I'm on somebody's fantasy league, and I think it's the man upstairs. I'm looking at this truck and I'm like, 'Somebody's supposed to be dead,' and I just can't stop smiling because it's like, God has his hands on me."

Whether you agree with him or not, it is truly remarkable the progress the team and Cam have made since then. Ever since the accident, Cam is as healthy as he has ever been. He's a major candidate for NFL MVP this year. After the crash, including playoff games, the Panthers have a 21-2 record.

The Panthers Twitter recently posted a picture of Cam still wearing his hospital bracelet:

"The Journey" has brought Cam and the Panthers one step closer to a possible Super Bowl win this Sunday. One life-changing experience for Cam opened a new door for various opportunities. Newton has enjoyed the best year of his career in 2015, helping Carolina win its third straight NFC South title. Newton is also the runaway favorite to take the MVP trophy home, which would be the first of his promising career.

At only 26 years old, the Heisman Trophy winner is showcasing an incredible blend of size and speed. This year, Newton took his passing talents to another level, throwing for a career-high 35 touchdowns. He will be tested against the vaunted Denver Broncos, who led the league in quarterback sacks.