Anti-aging method found to increase mouse lifespans by 35 percent

Anti-Aging Method Found To Increase Mouse Lifespans By 35 Percent

Scientists may have found a new way to not only extend lifespans by up to 35 percent but also to expand the amount of time spent healthy.

They focused on senescent cells which are those that have become stagnant over time.

Eventually, this material ceases to divide which results in the physical signs of aging like arthritis, frailty, and organ decline.

Their accumulation can also pollute nearby healthy areas.

To address these problems, the team genetically engineered lab mice with a mechanism that can clear away the old material when injected with a protein drug.

After the treatment, 60 to 70 percent of the senescent cells were wiped out with no known side effects.

As such, researchers were able to increase the rodents' median lifespan by 17 to 35 percent.

The press release states that the test animals "also demonstrated a healthier appearance and a reduced amount of inflammation in fat, muscle and kidney tissue."

A company has since been launched to explore similar age-fighting treatments in humans.

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