Why some people can't handle drinking as well as others

Why Some People Can't Handle Drinking as Well as Others

You ever wonder why some people can hold their alcohol while others explode into a chaotic mess of crying, punching and face time with the toilet?

Believe it or not there are other causes besides well -- tequila. There's some simple answers for why you may not be able to hang with bigger drinkers.

One of those is if you're smaller. Think about it being drunk has everything to do with the percentage of alcohol in your blood, more blood would need more alcohol.

Another reason is if you're a woman. Relax, it has everything to do with the fact that on average women's bodies have a higher percentage of body fat which does a terrible job absorbing alcohol.

Being older is another cause of the stumbles because as you age your body has less water as a percentage. Again diluting how much alcohol goes into your blood stream.

And then of course there's also practice, you more often you do it the more your body can figure it out. Now it's one thing to be a little silly drunk but what causes people to be angry drunks?

Well according to a study done at Ohio state, if you're an aggressive person at heart drinking just peals off the restrictor plates that would make you think twice. Which explains all the fights at NFL stadiums, and fights at bars and fights at home, a lot of fights

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Why some people can't handle drinking as well as others

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