Snoop Dogg to Johnny Manziel: 'Stay out the club'

Police Look Into Johnny Manziel Incident
Police Look Into Johnny Manziel Incident

When Snoop Dogg is the voice of reason for your afterhours nightlife, it might be time to recognize you have a serious problem. As everybody who doesn't live under a rock knows by now, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has had issues with partying, dealing with his girlfriend and generally, being a human being.

In light of all of these problems, Hip Hop artist and part-time psychiatrist Snoop Dogg dropped this hot knowledge for the third-year pro out of Texas A&M University.

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If that isn't the smartest thing that somebody has ever said toward Manziel, I don't know what is. Somebody has to get inside the kid's head, and maybe it is a rapper who loves football.

Oddly enough, Snoop Dogg loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, so it is out of character seeing him try to help out a player on one of his main rivals. Maybe he just feels bad for Manziel. Maybe he feels bad for entire city of Cleveland.

In all seriousness, hopefully Manziel can get a handle on his life, and his career, before things get totally out of control.

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