Small changes you can make to save big money

Small Changes You Can Make to Save Big Money

Did you realize you could be saving over a thousand dollars per year with just a few simple changes?

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Because if you're like me, having a little extra cash never hurts. First thing you can do: downgrade your gym membership.

Are you really using those massage beds you pay an extra $10 for per month? Gym prices vary, but chances are you're paying way more than you need to be.

This could save you at least $120 a year. Another big money saver: Brown bagging it.

And I'm not talking about beer bottles. On average, buying lunch every day could cost you upward of $50 a week. Packing your own food could cost as little as $3-4 a day.

Yearly, you're saving $1,560. And for crying out loud, ditch the morning Starbucks! Even if you're getting the most basic brew, the average cup of coffee costs around $3.

You can buy a 12 ounce bag of the very same beans they use at Starbucks for about $11, and that'll last you the entire month.I'll do the math for you -- that's $73 in savings per month, and $960 per year!

That is a bottom line of $2,640 you could be saving in a year! Forget morning coffee, I'm booking my flight to the Caribbean.

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Money-saving online shopping hacks
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Small changes you can make to save big money

1. Clear your browser history

Some retailers might sneakily increase prices based on your browsing patterns and demand - so make sure to always clear your history and cookies before shopping! 

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2. Use an alternate email address

When you log in to a retailer's site with a new email address, retailers will often welcome you as a new customer with exciting new promotions and discounts. 

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3. Note price changes throughout the week

Another pro tip: Prices and deals can fluctuate based on the day of the week. For instance, if you're purchasing a flight, monitor prices for around a week to see if they take a dip on any particular day before purchasing. 

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4. Let items linger in your cart

Here's a hack: Add items to your cart, but let them sit for 24 hours before purchasing. The retailer might attempt to lure you back with additional discounts.

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5. Check out multiple sites

Do some research! Don't settle for the first price you see - poke around on a search engine and find the best deal. 

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6. Bargain with customer service

Use customer service to your advantage. If you ask (politely!) about an expired coupon, you'll often find yourself pleasantly surprised by an extension or new code! 

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7. Don't purchase impulsively

Try this shopping hack - don't buy that shiny, new toy right away. Step away for a few hours, and if you find yourself itching to go back and click 'purchase', then you know you won't regret your investment!

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8. Avoid shipping fees

Take advantage of free shipping! If you are a few dollars below the free shipping price point, add a low-cost filler item you need anyway (like socks!) and make the math work out in your favor. 

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