Selfies lead to unnecessary dental work to correct 'horsey' teeth

Selfies Lead to Unnecessary Dental Work to Correct 'Horsey' Teeth
Selfies Lead to Unnecessary Dental Work to Correct 'Horsey' Teeth

Scientists are saying there may be a link between taking pictures of yourself and personality issues like narcism and depression.

Dentists are heaping body issues about your teeth onto that stink pile. When you're taking selfie, you're staring right into your own mug. Dentists are saying that's causing a lot of people to come in and get unnecessary work done.

The issue people keep coming in for more and more often is that they think they've got horse teeth. The Mirror interviewed a dentist named Tim Bradstock Smith who says over the past 5 years his practice has seen a 30 percent increase in people trying to get work done on their front teeth.

As dentists are pointing out though your phone's mirror image is slightly distorted, so, no you don't have horse teeth.

Click through to see some of the most dangerous-looking selfies:

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