New Ken dolls boast dad bods and receding hairlines

Fashion Site Creates Ken Dolls Boasting Dad Bods and Receding Hairlines

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WGNO) -- First, Mattel announced it was creating a new, more diverse line of Barbie dolls, reflected a wider array of hair styles, skin tones and body types.

Now, Barbie's beau Ken is following suit. A U.K. fashion site called Lyst created an entire line of mock Ken dolls.

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You have the six-pack-free "Beach Dad-Bod." There's "Balding Ken," with a receding hairline. "Hipster Ken" even has a beard, glasses and tattoo. There are also African-American, Asian and shorter dolls.

The creators say, not every man has a six-pack or full head of hair.

There's no word if Mattel may give the real Ken a makeover, but the company says it does plan to give both Barbie and Ken new career options down the road.

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