Winner of unclaimed $63 million California lottery jackpot running out of time

Hurry! $63 Million Lottery Winner Is Out There, with Almost-Expired Ticket
Hurry! $63 Million Lottery Winner Is Out There, with Almost-Expired Ticket

Time's running out for one lucky Californian to get "super" rich. The Golden State is set to expire a $63 million dollar payout that has gone unclaimed for nearly half a year.

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The "SuperLotto Plus" ticket was sold on August 8 at a 7-Eleven in Chatsworth, California. The numbers are 46-1-33-30-16 and a Mega ball number of 24.

If the prize remains unclaimed by Feb. 4, it will be the largest amount to go unclaimed in the state of California, shattering a previous record of $28.5 million.

According to Alex Traverso, a spokesperson for the California lottery, the grand prize was still unclaimed as of Feb. 1.

Meanwhile, in addition to the quickly approaching deadline for that prize, a California Powerball winner — one of three across the country — has yet to reveal their identity, after a historic jackpot of 1.6 billion on January 15.

A winning ticket holder in Florida also remains anonymous.

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A third winning ticket for the billion dollar jackpot was owned by a Tennessee family who announced their win on the TODAY Show in January.

The Powerball ticket holders have 180 days to claim the prize before it is redirected by the respective state lottery.

As for the winner of the SuperLotto Plus prize, time is no longer on their side, and according to a press release from the California State Lottery, "If no one comes forward before the deadline [on Feb. 4], this prize will be redirected to support California public schools."

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