Trump has great poll numbers but lowest favorability in entire race

Trump Has Great Poll Numbers but Lowest Favorability in Entire Race
Trump Has Great Poll Numbers but Lowest Favorability in Entire Race

"The only thing I wasn't No. 1 on: personality. Can you believe it? They said I'm not a nice person," Donald Trump said at a recent Iowa rally.

And Donald Trump is right. Despite leading the Republican pack, people don't really seem to actually like him. Bear with us, we'll explain.

According to The Huffington Post's aggregate favorable rating, a little more than 55 percent view him negatively. That's the highest of any candidate in the entire presidential election so far.

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And according to Gallup, Trump also edges out every major-party presidential candidate since 1992 as the most disliked candidate.

But has that really translated to anything? The answer looks like a resounding "no." Even when you throw in Trump's latest loss in Iowa, he still managed to pull in more than 24 percent of the vote from Republicans.

It's a reminder that losing favorability doesn't necessarily mean losing support. Just because potential voters don't seem to like someone doesn't necessarily mean they won't support or vote for them.

Take Hillary Clinton's numbers. Her unfavorable aggregate is at 52.5 percent, not too far from Trump's. And yet, nationally she's currently pulling in 51.6 percent in the fight for the Democratic nomination.

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