The Panthers are going to win Super Bowl 50, according to 'Madden 2016'

You might as well pack it in, Broncos. It seems like the Carolina Panthers already have Super Bowl 50 in the bag.

That is, if you believe Madden NFL 2016's prediction. A simulation run in the game says the Panthers will eek out a win over the Broncos, with a final score of 24-20.

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The prediction is an annual tradition for the Maddenfranchise, which has picked the Super Bowl winner successfully nine times out of 12 years the prediction has been run. To make their pick, EA Sports producers design a matchup between the two upcoming Super Bowl competitors, playing with their most current rosters. The faux Bowl's difficulty is also set to All-Madden, the game's most challenging level.

"We run it one time and record the results. Much like the actual Super Bowl, both teams get one shot to claim victory," said Seann Graddy, senior producer on Madden NFL 16.

The teams are entirely controlled by the game, with no human even touching controllers until destiny has been played out, Graddy added.

So what did this year's simulation foretell? The Panthers led the first half, scoring a touchdown in both the first and second quarters, along with an additional field goal. Peyton Manning rallied his team in the third quarter with a touchdown pass, and two field goals nearly put them neck-in-neck with the Panthers — they trailed 17-13.

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For the final quarter, the simulation showed the Broncos scoring another touchdown, finally putting them in a 20-17 lead. But virtual Cam Newton scored the final game-winning touchdown, sealing the victory for the Panthers.

The simulation also crowned Newton as MVP, thanks to completing 19 of 26 passes for 216 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Last year, Madden predicted Tom Brady would get the Super Bowl MVP trophy, after it said he had 335 yards and 4 touchdowns. In reality, Brady finished the game with 328 yards and 4 touchdowns, only seven yards shy of the simulation.

Graddy said there are very few times the game's predictions have been completely off base, though 2013 Super Bowl did upset their record:

"We definitely didn't foresee the Seahawks blowout win a couple years ago; the Madden NFL prediction had the Broncos winning the game 31 – 28. But in our defense, no one else saw that outcome coming either."

Broncos fans are probably hoping for a similar surprise upset this Sunday.