The 10 coolest chip and dips for the big game

Best chip and dips
Best chip and dips

Sunday, February 7 will bring people around the country together to watch the big game. But while the TV will be on, there's always another focal point of the annual viewing party: the food.

If you are hosting, you'll need more than great recipes. You'll want the right gear to make sure your guests are happy, comfortable and well-fed. And if you are going to buy only a few things for the big day, you might want to consider these awesome chip & dips.

The chip & dip is the ultimate party platter, and can be used for so many combinations, from spinach-artichoke dip and pita chips to ranch and veggies. And while they are prime for watching the big game, you'll find plenty of opportunities to use them year round.

Making sure your chip & dip has some flavor will give your gathering a little boost of personality. These 10 chip & dips are anything but ordinary -- which is why we love them!

Check out our 10 favorite chip & dips for your big game viewing party:

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