Petitions in cities and countries around the world call to ban a 'pro-rape' American blogger

Petitions Worldwide Call for Barring of Anti-Feminist American Blogger
A self-proclaimed pickup artist who once advocated to legalize rape is reportedly setting up covert male-only meetups across the world.

Daryush Valizadeh, who goes by Roosh V online, is organizing International Tribal Meetings at more than 160 locations worldwide Saturday.

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The not-so-secret meetups intended for men have the seemingly vague purpose of establishing relationships and "to offer concrete support and defense" in times of crisis.

The gatherings are already facing plenty of opposition from locals.

"I have real concerns about that happening. Certainly not welcome here in the city of Vancouver," Gregor Robertson, the mayor of Vancouver, told CTV.

See reactions to his post on social media:
Reactions to "Roosh V" Pro-Rape blogger
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Petitions in cities and countries around the world call to ban a 'pro-rape' American blogger
Haven't changed my views on @rooshv since last summer. #YouAreNotWelcomeHere
I'm not one to advocate violence but I would pay to see Ronda Rousey in the ring with Daryush Valizadeh, aka Roosh V. Just saying...
the thing about Roosh V is that no petition or ban is going to change the fact that there are men in this country who agree with him
Just think how ridiculous a 'pro-rape' movement sounds. It's absurd, disgraceful and shows some humans to be animals. #RooshV
Why isn't #RooshV in prison for incitement? He promotes Violence towards half the population. He's Promoting Rape = Promoting Crime. #PUA
Roosh V threatening furious "retribution" against anyone who isn't a "heterosexual man" attending his "workshops".
Started a petition at 10am this morning. Nearly 10,000 sigs by 3pm. Cheerio #RooshV 😂

"What upset me is on my timeline, now women saying that they feel quite threatened by the comments made by this man and his supporters," member of Scottish Parliament Deirdre Brock told STV.

There have already been numerous petitions to ban Roosh V from cities and countries around the world — petitions that he appears to mock on Twitter.

Australians are just some of the most recent to express concerns over the blogger, who posted to Twitter about booking his flight there for Saturday.

Australia's Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told ABC Australia Roosh V hasn't applied for a visa yet, but didn't rule out a possible ban. He said, "Australia doesn't welcome people to our country who disrespect women."

Roosh V has so far not backed down on his plans.
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