New 'wedgie' jeans aim to make your butt look better

Levi's Unveils 'Wedgie Fit' Jeans

CHICAGO (WGN TV) — Okay, so you have boot cut jeans. Then there are skinny fit jeans. Now there are ... wait for it ... wedgie jeans.

Some of us remember when a wedgie was a bad thing. Now Levi's is selling "wedgie fit" jeans for ladies. The pants are supposed to enhance your curves, shall we say.

The new Levi's are in stores and online. The company promises that a pair will make your butt look more flattering.

See people on Twitter react to the jeans:

Reactions to 'Wedgie Jeans'
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New 'wedgie' jeans aim to make your butt look better
I wanna shoot someone who owns those new Levi's wedgie jeans.
i tried wedgie jeans 4 you. hope u like pix of buttz:
Hurry, hurry! Those @LEVIS “wedgie” jeans we keep talking about are now available in the USA:
So wedgie jeans are a thing
So excited to get a pair of @LEVIS wedgie jeans!!
Saw on GMA that Levis has new wedgie jeans. Every pair of jeans I wear are wedgie jeans.
Wedgie jeans? That sounds unnatural. Just sayin'
@GMA as the proud owner of a bubble butt, the wedgie jeans will take my Uni-butt to anatomically correct butt. I'm buying these #Levis 👍🏾😜

They may be more flattering but they are not cheap: prices start at $88 a pair.

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