New 'hybrid' plane could make travel greener and cheaper

Plan Unveiled for Eco-Friendly Plane
Plan Unveiled for Eco-Friendly Plane

EasyJet, an airline that boasts flights from just $20, has unveiled a plan to make planes more eco-friendly by using new fuel technology. The new hybrid plane could make air travel cheaper by saving thousands of tons of fuel.

The plan is to eliminate the need to use jet fuel while taxing, where 4% of the airline's fuel is used, and replace it with hydrogen fuel cells instead.

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This plan would lead to a quieter, less polluted and socially responsible experience, according to EasyJet.

The change could even cut bills up to $35,000,000 a year -- saving passengers hundreds of dollars.

But not everyone is pleased with the change. Some took to social media to express that they wouldn't ride a plane that uses hydrogen for fuel, and others called it dangerous.

Although you shouldn't expect to see these hybrid planes in the mainstream just yet, the company plans to start using the new technology this year.

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