Mark Zuckerberg deposes Amazon CEO as world's fifth richest person

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals What's in His Closet (Yes, Lots of Hoodies)
Mark Zuckerberg Reveals What's in His Closet (Yes, Lots of Hoodies)

The founder and CEO of Facebook is having a pretty good week.

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg passed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to become the fifth richest person in the world, less than a week after he claimed the position of sixth wealthiest from Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison. Zuckerberg is worth $50 billion, Forbes estimates, as of Tuesday's close. According to the same estimates, Bezos is worth approximately $48.9 billion.

This puts the 31-year-old CEO in close proximity to Carlos Slim, the Mexican business magnate who was the richest person in the world from 2010 to 2013. The position of world's richest is now held by Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, who is worth $75.6 billion according to Forbes.

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The upward momentum in Zuckerberg's wealth has been fueled by strong showings from Facebook, which last week released a quarterly report that exceeded expectations on Wall Street. Facebook's stock has risen over 21 percent since the report was released on Jan. 27.

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