Man arrested after shoving 38 phones down his pants

Man Arrested After Shoving 38 Phones Down His Pants
Man Arrested After Shoving 38 Phones Down His Pants

A man was arrested for stealing 38 phones in his pants during a concert in the UK.

Police were already on the lookout after people reported having their phones stolen at another Libertines show a few days earlier, so when they saw a guy with the bottom of his pants taped closed - they figured something was up.

When police searched the 30 year old, they found 38 phones. Apparently he was lifting the phones from unsuspecting concert goers and shoving them down his pants.

Police say while they were walking the first guy out of the concert, they spotted another 30 year old coming into the venue sporting the same taped pants. They were both arrested for theft.

The one good thing about this is that at least 38 people were NOT blocking the view to film a video on their phone they will never watch again.

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