High school freshman saves 2 families from house fire

Teen Saves Five People From Fast-Moving House Fire

SACRAMENTO (KTXL) -- A fast-moving house fire on 21st Avenue in Sacramento might have claimed the lives of five people who lived in the home, had it not been for a 14-year-old high school freshman living across the street.

Helmet cam video from a Sacramento City firefighter shows the dramatic fire fight.

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It shows the firefighter completing a search of this burning home for any of the five people who live here.

But, with the help of an unlikely hero, they were already out.

A hero who giggled a bit as FOX40 tried to interview him.

His name is Christian Beecher.

"Yes. 14-year-old honor student from Sacramento High School," said Fire Department Spokesman Chris Harvey with pride. "I'm a Sac High Dragon, too."

Christian was out on his front porch Monday night, when he noticed something wrong.

"I heard an explosion and then, the people in this house, they were at the door, but they were in shock. They couldn't really move," he said.

So Christian got them out. Then he went next door to get an elderly neighbor out of her house too, with the fire looking like it was going to spread.

"We put everyone in the warm house here, because we didn't want them to stand in the cold," Beecher explained.

John Rodrigues' mother was one of those Christian got out as these flames were threatening.

"Brave young man. Appreciate it," Rodrigues said, after dropping-off a thank you card at Beecher's home this afternoon.

"I wasn't really thinking about how close it was," Beecher said of the fire. "I just went."

A kid already on a path to go far, going above and beyond to help and now, coming to terms with some unexpected attention.

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