Cheetah and dog race in epic video to see who's faster

Cheetah and Dog Race in Epic Video to See Who's Faster
Cheetah and Dog Race in Epic Video to See Who's Faster

Ordinarily you wouldn't think cats and dogs would be friends, but these two are! And they just had an incredible race, caught on video, to see which species really dominates!

The San Diego Safari Park thrilled onlookers by pairing up a cheetah, Ruuxa and a dog, in a running competition to see who was faster. To demonstrate their sprinting skills, park workers tied a stuffed animal to a rope to lure the two to the finish line.

In slow motion, they're shown chasing after the bait at top speeds, but, poor Raina wasn't quick enough and was outdone by her buddy.

The two go way back to when they were introduced at just a few weeks old. After being abandoned by her mother, the cheetah and the pup became unlikely pals.

Soon after, zoo trainers noticed Ruuxa's legs were bowing and thought surgery would be the best option to correct the abnormality.

Their friendship is said to have helped the cat recover from the operation a few years ago

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