10 real testimonies prove how strong rape survivors are

There are nearly 300,000 victims of sexual assault annually in the United States alone, and 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail or prison for the sexual crimes they committed. And while rape by is, by nature, a physical crime, the long-term emotional effects are just as, if not more, scarring as the physical bruises. Many studies indicate that rape victims face some of the highest risks of developing post-traumatic stress disorder and related conditions.

Several rape survivors took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to overcome such an intensely scarring event.

1. It's a struggle in and of itself to separate your abuser from his or her gender as a whole

2. Moving past a trying situation doesn't necessarily mean going back to 'normal'
I am a rape survivor. But it changed me. And I don

3. Sometimes, the most trying of situations can inspire you to discover the strongest version of yourself
I was raped a few years ago. A couple of months ago i decided to stop being a victim and learn self defense. Ive never felt stronger.

4. People cannot be defined by a single past experience
I hate when people find out I was raped. They give me the look of pity and it annoys me. I have a great healthy sex life, it

5. Having the law on your side is an amazing way to feel well-protected

6. It might take a long time after a rape to stop associating all intimacy with abuse
I was raped 10 years ago and I

7. It is possible to find love after abuse
I just went on my first date in two years. I

8. There's no greater victory than overcoming your demons -- literally
My rapist told me no one would ever love me... I feel like sending him a card for my wedding anniversary next week, just to show him how wrong he was. #survivor

9. The word 'victim' doesn't have the most pride-inducing connotations
It bothers me when my boyfriend calls me a rape victim. I didn

10. Rediscovering the person you know you are beyond your trauma is truly vitalizing
Im a multiple rape survivor. I was able to have sex for the first time without having a break down and crying afterwards. I finally took my life back.

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