10 people explain what it's really like to have body dysmorphia

Nearly everyone has something about themselves that they find imperfect or flawed. However, there are certain conditions where these real or perceived flaws are amplified in people's minds. Body dysmorphia is a body image disorder that allows these negative thoughts to spin out of control, even when people around you are assuring that your appearance is completely fine. The lack of satisfaction that people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) find in themselves can lead to a plethora of negative aftermaths, including unnecessary plastic surgery and social isolation.

Several people who suffer from BDD took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to live with this intense disorder.

1. Intention to see yourself as beautiful doesn't necessarily mean you will
Having body dysmorphia is hard. For once I just want to see myself as beautiful.

2. Next time a friend of yours doesn't take a compliment gracefully, consider what he or she might be dealing with underneath the exterior
I have body Dysmorphic disorder.. I

3. Turning to expensive, unnecessary surgery is a common side effect of body dysmorphia

4. BDD often sets people up for failure, because they're fixing flaws that they create in their own minds
I have body dysmorphic disorder. I spend hours every day trying to fix my flaws that only i can see. So im very self-conscious

5. It's an odd quality of BDD that you can look at yourself, but not really see yourself
I have body dysmorphic disorder and there is nothing more painful than not being able to see what you truly look like when facing a mirror.

6. Several people with BDD avoid looking at themselves altogether to escape from their negative thoughts
I avoid mirrors except when I put makeup on because of my body dysmorphic disorder

7. Self-doubt might seem like a phase, but body dysmorphia can be a long-term condition
I have body dysmorphic disorder. I see myself as fat. Always have. I just wish I could be normal and live life to the fullest

8. There might be a lot of pain behind the actions of shy people
I have body dysmorphia and nobody knows. Everyone just thinks I

9. Feelings of confidence and pride are often fleeting when suffering from body dysmorphia
I really hate having body dysmorphia, and I wish more people understood. I could feel great when I look in the mirror and ten minutes later, look again and end up crying.

10. The insecurity that BDD might bring doesn't necessarily end in the mirror -- it can affect your relationships, too
I finally came out about my body dysmorphia to my boyfriend last night. Hopefully he understands why I get so anxious and annoyed about him looking at other women now...
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