Thousands of adorable sheep caught on video in a 'lampede'

Thousands of Adorable Sheep Caught on Video in a "Lampede"
Thousands of Adorable Sheep Caught on Video in a "Lampede"

A woman catches thousands of sheep on video as they run alongside a road in New Zealand!

A Canadian woman posted this gem on Facebook, calling it her "favorite video [she's] ever filmed!" What looks like thousands of adorable sheep taking route on a road and throughout the hills of New Zealand.

Giggling throughout the entire video, she points out just how far back they're being herded and shows just how close her encounters with the four-legged clouds are.


My favourite video I've ever filmed!! I think? Magic moment for me. Make sure you can have the volume on as that's half the fun :)

Posted by Emmeline Holly Allen on Sunday, January 24, 2016

The woman captured the magic moment, laughing while taking her position on the road quiet seriously."I mean I don't dare move. I would never hit a lamb."

The never-ending group of sheep finally does come to a close as a vehicle struggles to wrangle up the caboose of the group.

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