Sorry, Cupid: This elementary school is banning Valentine's Day

No More Exchanging Valentines at One Minnesota School
No More Exchanging Valentines at One Minnesota School

One Minnesota school won't be allowing its students to exchange cards and candy with their classmates this February 14th.

And it isn't just Valentine's Day getting the axe, either.

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On its website, Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Paul proudly notes 63 percent of its student population identify as Asian-American, 24 percent are African-American, 10 percent identify as Hispanic-American and 4 percent are Caucasian.

That's why Principal Scott Masini sent a letter to parents at the end of January saying the school would no longer be celebrating Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween.

"In the letter, Masini says the intent is to create a school climate that is that is welcoming and respectful of all cultures," a WCCO reporter said.

In fact, a St. Paul School Board policy on holiday observances says schools should really only celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day and Veterans Day.

Other Minnesota schools aren't necessarily following in Bruce Vento's footsteps, though.

The Star Tribune reported teachers at Wellstone Elementary School in St. Paul are allowed to celebrate Valentine's Day in their classrooms at their own discretion, and in the nearby Wayzata school district, Valentine's Day is the one exception to the no-holiday policy.

So unfortunately, no bringing in cartoon Valentine's Day cards to Bruce Vento Elementary this year. But, they could always follow Massachusetts' Salemwood School and celebrate "Friendship Day" instead.

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