'The Bachelor': All the girls hate Olivia after 'Teen Mom' diss (and we totally understand why!)

'The Bachelor': Olivia Insults Amanda With 'Teen Mom' Diss
'The Bachelor': Olivia Insults Amanda With 'Teen Mom' Diss

Hell hath no fury like a bunch of bachelorettes scorned!

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, all the women vying for Ben Higgins' heart finally agreed on one thing: Olivia is the worst and it's time for Ben to know it.

Week after week, Olivia has purposefully caused waves in the house with her "manipulative" behavior and haughty, rose-hungry attitude, but it was her mean-spirited comments to mother-of-two Amanda that sparked universal outrage in the group.

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At the rose ceremony cocktail party in Mexico City, Amanda was chatting with Lauren B. about the custody arrangement for who is taking care of her two little girls while she is on a quest for love. Olivia, who was confidently clutching her group date rose, then shocked the girls with her unsolicited and snarky comments.

"I feel like that's an episode of Teen Mom that I watch," Olivia said while interrupting Amanda's conversation about her children.

Wait... what?!

The group demeanor between the ladies quickly changed from shocked silence to outraged hostility.

"I don't understand you," Amanda, 25, said to Olivia following the insult. "I just feel like it's almost common sense not to tell somebody that you remind them of a Teen Mom episode."

"First of all, I was 22 when I had my first and I was 24 when I had my second," Amanda clarified to the Bachelor cameras "I'm an adult, I have my sh*t together. That was not a very nice thing to say to somebody."

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Olivia then struggled to clarify her insensitive her word vomit, but it proved to be unsuccessful and unbelievable. "I'm learning a lot about myself and I'm really, really sorry," the big-mouthed beauty stammered through a mixture of tears and giggles.

For Emily -- aka the last remaining twin -- Olivia's light-hearted apology did not make up for her "bully" behavior.

"That was the most offensive thing in the world," the Las Vegas native spat to the cameras. "Olivia's tears are not authentic at all, they're fake as f--k. That really made my blood boil. I think she's rude, I think she's selfish, and I think it's important to express those feelings to Ben because that could make us stronger as couple."

As promised, Emily -- and many of the other girls -- used their pre-rose ceremony time with Ben to reveal their true feelings about Olivia and it looks like Bachelor is starting to have a change of heart.

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"I seem to know one Olivia but the girls seem to know a different Olivia," Ben said somberly to the cameras. "It's nerve-wracking to think that I might be falling for somebody that could turn out to be somebody that I didn't expect."

The episode ended in a cliffhanger as Ben opted to postpone the rose ceremony for a bit so that he could talk with Olivia about the ladies' accusations. We don't know what's going to happen, but we do know that Olivia is fired up about being thrown under the Bachelor bus.

"I've always had the vibe that people are talking about me all the time and that makes me f--king pissed," she said.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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