The 10 most boring Super Bowls ever

The 10 most boring Super Bowls ever
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The 10 most boring Super Bowls ever

Super Bowl XXVII: Cowboys 52, Bills 17

Stripping Leon Lett before he pranced into the end zone was the only positive memory from this game for Bills fans. The score was barely close after the first quarter, as Dallas took this one easily.

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Super Bowl XXII: Redskins 42, Broncos 10

1988's big game was a snooze fest. The Skins poured on a whopping 35 points in the second quarter to go up 35-10 at half -- and then took their foot off the gas the rest of the way.

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Super Bowl XVIII: Raiders 38, Redskins 9

Four years before Washington trampled over Denver, they were on the receiving end of a similar beating at the hands of Oakland. The Skins managed to get just one touchdown on the board.


Super Bowl I: Packers 35, Chiefs 10

Aside from historic reasons, the first Super Bowl ever was hardly impressive. The game itself wasn't very entertaining, with Kansas City going scoreless in the second half.

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Super Bowl XXVI: Redskins 37, Bills 24​

The final score of this one isn't at all indicative of how the game went. The dominant Skins unit dominated Buffalo all the way through, until the Bills added a few garbage time scores in the closing minutes.

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Super Bowl VI: Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3

In addition to being the only team to complete a perfect season with a Super Bowl victory, Miami is also the only team to never score a touchdown in the big game.

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Super Bowl XXIX: 49ers 49, Chargers 16

The 49ers poetically scored 49 points in a Super Bowl win, but it made for a brutal game to watch. San Fran poured it on early and often, and San Diego just couldn't keep up.

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Super Bowl XXXV: Ravens 34, Giants 7

The Giants have enjoyed Super Bowl success over the last few years, but not before they were brutally embarrassed by the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 35.

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Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks 43, Broncos 8

This one's definitely still fresh in Broncos fans' minds. The game that opened with a botched Denver snap for two Seahawks points ended in a route -- and Peyton Manning is hoping for a far different result this Sunday.

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Super Bowl XXIV: 49ers 55, Broncos 10

The Broncos appear on the wrong end of this list once again, this time in the 1990 installment of the game. The Niners were favored by 12, and more than covered the spread in an all-out trouncing.

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The Super Bowl is the most hyped-up game in all of sports, and the most watched television event every single year. Oftentimes the game itself is spectacular, entertaining and completely worth watch.

Other times -- well, other times, it's not at all.

The Seahawks' pounding over the Broncos two Super Bowls ago is fresh in our memories for sure, but it may not even be the worst championship contest of all time.

Above, we found the 10 worst Super Bowls, ranking them from pretty bad to all-out catastrophe. Click through the gallery above, and be sure to tweet us your thoughts at @AOLSports.

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