Police officer mistaken for stripper when checking in on 'wild' party

Police Officer Mistaken for Stripper When Checking in on Wild Party

A police officer had to make a quick escape after what sounds like a really close call. He was mistaken for a stripper at a 50 year old's birthday party.

Officer Mike Ober was patrolling near what the report is calling a "youth club" when he noticed the door was propped open. He went inside to check it out and that's when the women inside "went wild with excitement."

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Apparently, the party was just about to get started and the women thought the uniformed officer was the stripper showing up early. Ober said that while he was flattered by the reaction, he got out of there immediately -- without speaking to any of the women -- and he ended up passing the real stripper on his way out.

The story was picked up after Trowbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team posted it on Facebook, saying Ober confided in an officer, who told another officer, who then decided to tell everyone on social media.

ALMOST GOING BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY...One of our local Officers was carrying out foot patrol and decided to pop in to...

Posted by Trowbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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