People v. O.J. Simpson episode 1 live stream: How to watch online

Cuba Gooding Jr. On O.J. Simpson Trial: Everything I Thought I Knew Was a Little Off
Cuba Gooding Jr. On O.J. Simpson Trial: Everything I Thought I Knew Was a Little Off

When it happened, O.J. Simpson's scandal was utterly inconceivable. It's difficult to conceptualize now, but O.J. was one of America's favorite athletes and most beloved pitchmen. He won the Heisman at USC, was absolutely electric in the NFL and then kept in the spotlight after his career was over. As Lt. Frank Drebin's right hand man, Nordberg, O.J. was hilarious in the Naked Gun movies. He wasn't quite America's sweetheart, but damn if he wasn't beloved.

And then the Bronco chase happened.

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One minute America was sitting there watching the NBA Finals, gathered around with family and friends. The next minute the world was trying to digest why a newscaster was on television with a camera pointed on a white Ford Bronco rolling down the California interstate, claiming that O.J. Simpson had a gun to his head and was planning on killing himself.

All of the resulting fallout was captivating drama. Figures like Johnny Cochran, Marcia Clark, Kato Kaelin and Judge Lance Ito became household names. The Simpson case made national headlines, and was the basis for a year's worth of late-night jokes for Jay Leno and David Letterman.

Now we get to watch all the drama re-dramatized via American Crime Story. In case you're not near a television tonight, here's how you can watch the show online via live stream.

Show: People v. O.J. Simpson
Episode: S1, E1
Title: From the Ashes of Tragedy
Date: February 2, 2016
Television Channel: FX
Live Stream: FX Now

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