Meet #StickerKid, hero of Hillary Clinton's Iowa speech

'Sticker Kid' May Be the True Winner of the Iowa Caucuses

While Hillary Clinton said she was breathing a "sigh of relief" after just barely winning the Iowa caucuses on Monday night, Bernie Sanders wasn't the only one sharing the spotlight.

A sticker-clad college student was seen making faces behind Hillary Clinton as she spoke after the caucuses in Iowa Monday night, who quickly became known as #Stickerboy, or #Stickerkid, to those watching at home on Twitter.

We caught up with him backstage.

The culprit, we learned, is Drake University student Peter Clinkscales. He's "a simple man" who likes "pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food," according to his Twitter profile. And he's still undecided.

"I saw that a presidential candidate was going to be at my university and I thought that i should go see that presidential candidate at my university," Clinkscales told Mashable.

It was a wise choice. Dozens of people had already texting him saying they saw him on live television.

The prankster told Mashable he had originally planned to bring a saxophone to the event.

"We thought it would be a great idea if we brought two saxophones here to the rally for Hillary Clinton so he could play one and he could play one," he said, pointing to a friend who plays in a jazz band. "It would be a cool mashup."

But Clinkscales was bummed to find out that "apparently that's a security risk." He stuck with the stickers — which were free.

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