Kylie Jenner, queen of the mirror pic, poses in fire engine red lingerie

Kylie Jenner Strips Down On Instagram In New Sexy Underwear Pic
Kylie Jenner Strips Down On Instagram In New Sexy Underwear Pic

If Kim Kardashian is the queen of the selfie, then her sister Kylie Jenner is the queen of the mirror pic.

King Kylie, as she calls herself, posted a photo of herself clad in fire engine red lingerie from Huit from what was (presumably) a photoshoot for her insanely popular Lip Kit By Kylie line. The sultry shot flaunts her impressively fit body and impossibly tiny waist while a random woman in a velour tracksuit stands awkwardly behind her.

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The picture appears to have been taken in the mirror of a vanity, with makeup, brushes and an almost-empty glass soda bottle that are really just happy to be there.

"Could this be a new lip kit color?," she asked rhetorically alongside a winky face. Oh, Kylie -- you're such a tease!

Jenner wasn't done, though, as hours later she posted a behind shot that flaunted her aforementioned waist-trained torso in a leather dress of the same shade of red.

Just another day in the life of perpetual Snapchat artist, Kylie Jenner!

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