Vicious dog attack leaves toddler with cracked temple and swollen eye

Dog Attack Leaves Toddler With Serious InjuriesKANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A toddler's eye is swollen shut and her temple is cracked. Her mom says a black lab is responsible for the injuries.

The black lab known as "Boe" will be quarantined at KC Pet Project for several days but it will take much longer for a metro family to recover from what they call a vicious attack.

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In the past 24 hours, Kristin Miroslaw hasn't left her daughter Evelyn's side. The 16-month-old is in visible pain, eye swollen shut and scratches all over her face.

"Seeing her in this pain, it's really upsetting," Miroslaw said.

Miroslaw says baby Evelyn was sitting on the floor Thursday playing with toys. Her babysitter was there too with her black lab.

"We've known this dog since she was a puppy, she's never done anything like this," Miroslaw said.

Miroslaw says she went to the bathroom and the babysitter went outside to smoke. Leaving baby Evelyn alone in the living room with Boe. Miroslaw says when she walked back in, Boe attacked the little girl.

"I immediately picked her up and I told the babysitter, 'get that dog out my house now!' I called 911."
She says her daughter's face was covered in blood. She rushed her to the hospital.

"The dog got her so good underneath the eye that she was literally bleeding out of the eye and out of her nose. It was heartbreaking."

Miroslaw says doctors told her Evelyn's temple was cracked and had to be glued together.
"It scares me to death."

She says it was a hard lesson to learn, watching her child helplessly after being attacked by a dog she thought she could trust.

Boe will be at KC Pet Project, quarantined, for another 10 days. Animal control will continue an investigation which will determine was follows.

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