OnlyOnAOL: Kaley Cuoco's 'Big Bang': She's fearless and confident

Kunal Nayyar on "The Big Bang Theory"
Kunal Nayyar on "The Big Bang Theory"


Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of the CBS smash "The Big Bang Theory," showed off her very bangin' body at the Screen Actors Guild awards on Saturday night, in a super-sexy Romona Keveža black dress.

We asked her longtime makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, about working with Cuoco. And yes, it's every bit as great as you would imagine. "I don't even have words for how much fun we have. If you've seen any of my videos with her, it's crazy. It's like hanging with your best girlfriends," says Greenberg.

The actress, who married Leonard (Johnny Galecki) on the show, isn't one to ever play it safe. "She loves to try new stuff. But she also knows what she likes. She wanted the bun to be a little off center tonight. She has a vision for herself. She doesn't care what people say. She does what she likes. It's freeing," says Greenberg.

So yes, she's confident and self-aware. And, says Greenberg, "She stays true to what she likes. She doesn't need to follow trends. She's confident in what she picks for herself."

There's a process to getting Cuoco red-carpet ready. After her fitting, she sends a photo to her glam squad. "We pick what we're going to do before we get there. We eat Hershey's Kisses. She always has Hershey's Kisses in her room. We drink water. Today we had rose. We definitely have fun," says Greenberg.

And no one puts Kaley in a corner. Don't even try.

"She's a risk-taker. She likes to step out of the box. Her personal collection is so fun and eclectic. She loves fashion. When it comes to the red carpet, she's started to step out her comfort zone. She loves fun shapes. She has this amazing confidence. She rocks whatever she's wearing. She works hard and is a good person," says Greenberg.

The makeup guru's one go-to trick: "Highlighting her cheekbones. I can't remember a red carpet I didn't do that for. She has great cheekbones."

Here's how to get her smokey eye:

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