Harry Styles doesn't know about you, but he's 'feeling 22'

17 Times Harry Styles Made You Swoon
17 Times Harry Styles Made You Swoon


Harry Styles knows exactly how to make our hearts race.

The One Direction crooner celebrated his 22nd birthday on Monday by doing what we all did when we turned 22 -- by posting the lyrics to Taylor Swift's age-defining song "22" on social media.

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The long-haired star broke his silence on the worldwide holiday that is his birthday, Feb. 1, by tweeting, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22."

Obviously, the fact that Styles tweeted the lyrics is way more significant than when your friend made them the caption of her birthday Instagram because, well, he dated T.Swift back in the day so any acknowledgement that he makes of her mere existence is notable. Groundbreaking, even. But to do it on his own birthday is downright momentous.

It's well-documented that Styles has been the subject of many a Swift song -- "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Style" and "Out of the Woods," to name a few -- so for him to take a break from yachting in St. Bart's with Kendall Jenner and (probably) listening to Zayn's new single "PILLOWTALK" to tweet about her was a surprise, albeit a much-welcomed one.

Happy birthday, Harry! We aren't 22 anymore, and neither is Taylor Swift, but we'd like to think that we, too, are feeling 22 in your honor.

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