Glenn Beck calls Donald Trump a 'narcissist to the highest level'

Chris Cuomo Grills Glenn Beck
Chris Cuomo Grills Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck appeared on CNN's New Day this morning, on the day of the Iowa caucuses, to speak with Alisyn Camerota in no uncertain terms about his disdain for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

"I think Donald Trump is a very dangerous man," Beck said, before going on to cite the candidate's treatment of women as emblematic of his vengeful character.

"NBC just purchased a documentary from the BBC ...; one of the women on the BBC, one of the anchors, had a horrible experience with Donald Trump -; a disturbing experience. And she's not the only one; Megyn Kelly is going through a little bit of that herself. He's a man that sets out to destroy anything that he can't have if he doesn't get his own way.

"He has, I think, some very disturbing traits that I think America should pay attention to," Beck continued. "He's a man that said, 'I've slept with peoples' wives,' blah, blah, blah and yet he's also said that he's never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything he's done. He's a narcissist to the highest level and that's exactly the wrong person to put into the Oval Office."

The conservative talk radio superstar recently announced his support for Ted Cruz, the first time Beck has endorsed a candidate in his 40 years on the air.

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