Being a regular at a bar leads to happiness

Being a Regular at a Bar Leads to Happiness
Being a Regular at a Bar Leads to Happiness

Science is saying that being a regular at a small pub near you house is good for you.

Oxford University looked into the happiness of people in their local area. They found that people who were regulars at small bars where they could chat with pals face to face were pretty happy.

The study highlighted that face-to-face interaction is still immensely important to happiness.

It also found that people who are regulars are less likely to binge drink. Which makes sense, it's all about acceptance. A lot of drinks get hammered down when you're feeling socially awkward around new people but if you have a place where they already know what a monster you are and accept you for it, you're comfortable.

And on top of that you'll have a better shot at free shots.

Photos of famous vintage beer cans:

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