7 spring color trends to try now

7 ways to wear pastels
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7 spring color trends to try now

1. Give pastel shadow a pop with bright liner

Make your shimmery shadow stand out with a pop of bright liner. One look we love: Sweep your lids with a light layer of pearly pink shadow and blend a bright teal liner along your lower waterline.

Tip: Dab a crayon concealer around the outer edges of your eye color to create a seamlessly blended look between the two shades. 

2. Make pastels your wardrobe neutral

Make pastels this year’s neutrals. Skip the head-to-toe black and instead take a softer approach to the oh-so-’60s trend of colorblocking. Trade in your black cardigan for a softer shade. Or, better yet, swap out your moody black and fiery red heels for a subtle pale pink. 

3. Pair pastels with metallics

Punch up your pastels by adding a touch of shimmer to your lids. Blend a metallic liner (we love this creamy metallic liner) halfway across your upper and lower lashlines for a truly eye-popping look. 

4. Give pastel nails some glamour with a shimmery manicure

Why stop at your lids? Get those “statement” nails by adding some sparkle to your manicure using a glittery or metallic pastel polish. For a look that’s extra flirty, choose a pastel base coat like choose a pastel base coat and dab a little gold glitter polish around the base of the nail.

Tip: Make sure your manicure lasts: applying a nail oil daily keeps nails from drying out and cuticles from flaking. 

5. Pop in a pastel hair accessory

Trade in your boring black headband for a buttery yellow one, or add a mint hair tie to your rotation. And that tortoise-shell, wide-toothed clip you toss in religiously? Instead, swap it out for a flirty pink flower hair clip.

6. Lean in to not-so-natural locks

Smoky pinks, pearly lavenders and dusty blues top the list of on-trend hair colors this year, but before you dye, it’s important to understand how to make pastel work for you. First, you have to start with hair that is light blonde or lighten your hair with bleach in advance of applying the pastel color. Next, match your skintone to the perfect hue. Play up pink undertones with a pink shade. If you have a golden glow, blue hues will boost your tan. And purple locks will look radiant against darker skin tones.

Tip: Keep your bright strands vibrant and healthy by using a deep nourishing treatment a couple of times each week, but avoid over-shampooing -- it will shorten the life of your color.

7. Complement a light complexion with pastel lips

If you’re fair skinned and afraid pastels might leave you looking flat and washed out, think again. Pastels are the perfect pop against your light complexion. And the best part about these matte lip pens? You can also use them as blush! Just blend in a few dabs and you’re ready to roll.

Tip: Keep your complexion clear and hydrated by using a gentle daily exfoliating scrub and lightweight daily facial oil


By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Thanks in large part to the new colors of the year -- Serenity (icy blue) and Rose Quartz (pale pink) -- pastels are the hottest trend in fashion and beauty right now. And if you're looking to hop on the bandwagon and soften your style, you're in luck. We've cut through the clutter to round up seven awesome ways to wear fresh, subtly radiant pastel hues.

Click through the above slideshow to see the hottest looks of the year.

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